Data Centre Colocation

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Secure environment for network connectivity and business continuity
Need a secure, climate-controlled environment with direct network access to house your mission-critical servers or interconnect to carrier access points? TNW Networks's four data colocation centres located in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto are a great solution for service providers wanting to ensure business continuity and improve network connectivity.

Technical Information

Explore detailed specifications of each of our data colocation facilities:

Vancouver Granville Vancouver Waterfront Vancouver Spencer Calgary Watermark Toronto Bay street

Click on facility photo to see details and specs on each centre


Colocation Benefits

  • Secure, climate-controlled environment to house mission-critical equipment as part of business continuity or disaster recovery plans.
  • Scalable, reliable network connectivity to address bandwidth issues as your business grows.
  • Reduced network access and security costs by directly interconnecting with major carrier access points.

Key Features

  • Climate-controlled environment with redundant heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls to maintain optimal equipment operating temperatures.
  • 24x7 Security featuring 24x7 code-controlled access and video surveillance.
  • Pre-action fire suppression contains fires by zone and limits water distribution, minimizing potential damage to equipment.
  • Customized server housing options with quarter, half, and full locked cabinets and customized data suites available to house your servers and network equipment.
  • Flexible, redundant power options (AC/DC/UPS) provide independent, generator-driven power backup in the event of a power outage.
  • Scalable bandwidth from 10 Mbps to GigE burstable to subscribed speeds.
  • 24/7 monitoring and reporting ensures consistent server connectivity to the TNW Networks network.
  • Peering Uplink Diversity with multiple peering partners across the country to ensure fast reliable transit.
  • Optional advanced monitoring & reporting via web-based tools designed to provide detailed information on CPU Usage, disk utilization, status/response time and memory utilization.


Coverage & Pricing

Available in any of our Vancouver, Toronto or Calgary colocation facilities, TNW Networks data centre colocation solutions include:

  • Shared, quarter, half, and full locked cabinets or custom data suites
  • Choice of AC, DC or UPS power options
  • Scalable network access (10 mbps to GigE)
  • Optional cross-connects, shelving or monitoring packages.