Internet Transit

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High-performance, low latency connectivity to the global Internet.
Keep up with user demands for a fast, reliable Internet connection with TNW Networks's Internet transit service. Our extensive peering and transit arrangements, with multiple peering points across Canada and to the USA, coupled with direct connections to major carriers help you deliver Internet traffic along the shortest path to the user.

Internet Transit Service Benefits

  • Low latency Internet connectivity enabled through our multiple peering points and transit arrangements.
  • Peering Uplink diversity with three Internet peering connection points with multiple peering partners to provide geographic and peering redundancy.
  • Highly resilient network architecture with a national wavelength network with eastern and western rings to provide fault tolerance, combined with site redundancy and safeguards.

Internet Transit Options

Virtual Transit Exchange - Get Layer 2 access to major Internet Exchanges without the need to establish a presence at the exchanges. No colocation, no equipment, just direct connectivity to the peering fabric.

See more details for a detailed list of virtual transit exchanges.

Key Features

  • Access to multiple peering partners through TNW Networks's extensive peering and transit arrangements.
  • Scalable bandwidth delivered as your business grows.
  • Superior service agreements with 99.99% guaranteed up-time, with four-hour mean time to repair, and service credits if we don't meet our objectives.
  • Flexible billing options (such as our sustained bandwidth model, which bills at the 95th percentile for usage) to avoid dramatic cost increases due to usage spikes.
  • 24/7 network monitoring and technical support backed by a fault-tolerant, resilient network architecture.

Coverage & Pricing

Internet transit service is delivered via interconnection at our Vancouver or Toronto network colocation facilities. Discounted pricing is available with volume and term commitments.

Actual Usage Billing

Usage is calculated based on the actual number of gigabytes (GB) that pass through the customer's Internet access feed in both directions over a period of one month.

Sustained Bandwidth Billing

The rate of data passing through the feed is measured in each direction every 10 minutes, generating a list of rates. Each month, the top 5% of these rates are discarded from the list, leaving the 95th percentile, which is the rate in Mbps at which the customer is billed, saving customers from cost increases caused by unusual usage spikes.


More Details

Customers may arrange for local access services themselves or request that TNW Networks arrange local access services.  Customers are responsible for all costs associated with local access services (i.e. monthly service fees, installation).

Leverage TNW Networks’s extensive BC backbone network to connect POPs in major centres across British Columbia.