Rebiller Services

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Freedom to focus on market share, not infrastructure.
If you're an emerging voice reseller or a cable service operator that wants to introduce voice services, you want to focus on growing your markets instead of investing capital and resources in a complex switching infrastructure. Rebiller service delivers an end-to-end solution for call origination and termination within Canada and to 230 destinations worldwide - without the headaches and overheads associated with operating your own switched network.

Rebiller Service Benefits

  • Simplified order management with automated PIC Care order and reporting services.
  • Easy Reconciliation and rebilling with daily delivery of rated call detail records.
  • Increased back-office efficiency created by outsourcing your order, provisioning and network interconnection to one supplier.

Rebiller Service Options

Managed Long Distance Service: A complete, turn-key solution to offer full-featured long distance service to your end customers.

Managed Toll-free Service: Extend your service portfolio to offer advanced toll free routing, call distribution and NPA/NXX blocking features to your end customers.

PIC & Pass: Designed for resellers that want the flexibility of choosing their own provider for route termination, we simply pass the call from our switch to you for termination.

PIC & Strip: Targeted for resellers that want to maximize cost and administration efficiencies by stripping out specific destinations for termination.

Key Features

  • Turn-key solution to re-brand long distance and toll free services with feature Group D access to local networks providing a superior feature set.
  • Reliable exchanges of information via secure FTP transfer includes billing details, ANI information and TCSI data.
  • Value-added feature support such as Account, Project and Authorization Codes for long distance and toll free advanced routing, call distribution/allocation and NPA/NXX blocking.
  • Daily call detail records (CDRs) with flexible delivery options for providing end customers with traffic pattern details.
  • Monthly reports on billable minutes by date, originating region and terminating region as well as PIC requests, rejects and approvals.
  • Flexible Billing Options with six-second billing increments.
  • Competitive, responsive pricing based on either term or volume commitments.

Coverage & Pricing

Rebiller service is available on a flat, per-minute rate on our voice network across Canada. All customers must be registered with the CRTC as a rebiller.


Technical Information

No specific technical knowledge is required to take advantage of TNW Networks's rebiller services. No switching equipment and no network infrastructure is required.