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TNW brings it all together. Unified Communications brings voice, data, video together and integrates them with business applications, for swifter response and better business.

NEC Unified Communications

NEC contact center

The perception of a contact center is often a large single location, filled with call handling agents. But with the latest technologies, contact centre applications are far more and can be integrated into the organizations activities and business applications, supporting specific functions and interactions.


  • Improved customer satisfaction by single point of contact; one number or one e-mail address; automated attendant
  • First time contact guidance to the best-suited agent; hence reduce waiting times and lost calls
  • As a way of generating new sources of revenue, maximizing customer loyalty and optimizing customer services
  • Increase efficiency, productivity and motivation for your staff and control over cost and service level

MObile worker

In today’s flexible and fast-moving business environment, employees are never in one place for very long while decisions often have to be taken quickly and on the spot. Staff is expected to respond to business demands not only from the office, but also while travelling and even while at home.

With communications crucial to practically any field of activity, there is a need to stay in touch and be reachable in all circumstances.

Business Mobility benefits

  • Single number accessibility enabling you to be reached anytime and anywhere via a single telephone number
  • Better customer service due to the increase in employee productivity, responsiveness and collaboration
  • Use of wireless devices to address issues quickly through access to enterprise features like voicemail, directories, email, calendars and business specific applications
  • Cost savings for mobile employees by using the corporate telephony network
  • Dual mode integration enabling use of mobile (smart) phones as an extension of the company network